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Originally Posted by Andrews2nd3 View Post
I guess I didn't read it like a joke; I read it as though he was serious. Either way, it has been 70+ years since the word was adopted by Hitler...but the problem is that the word is still very much alive today and in use by racist tools who truly believe they are the 'supreme beings'. I'll agree to disagree about whether or not it is a tasteless joke but, if it was meant in truth, I won't ignore ignorant and racist comments by bigots.

And I agree, the build is absolutely incredible...I think it looks great.

Oh, although I'd love an E9x M3...the e28 M5 is my supreme being.
I really hate how we live in a society that has knee-jerk responses to words instead of paying attention to the context of it. He has a blond-haired daughter, aryan is a perfectly acceptable word. I feel like our society could loosen our collective sphincters about the ridiculous political correctness that plagues us; it makes us feel like we have to tip-toe around words and it actually perpetuates negative connotations about people that have blonde hair and blue eyes. "I feel uncomfortable being around him because he looks like the perfect aryan" is what I've heard people say about someone I know that's blond and has blue-eyes, and it's a sort of perverse political correctness that actually keeps a bigoted mindset towards people that aren't minorities. Let people say what they want.
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