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DIY : Secondary Air Pump & Valve

Well my car threw two codes couple of weeks ago, P1421 and P1423 which are related to secondary air pump.
New secondary air pump was too expensive, $300 ..I bought used parts from one of our fanatics, Blocked Out
And I searched entire forum, but couldn't find any DIYs
So I'm writing my first DIY!

Tools that you need:

ratchet wrench and socket extension
10mm socket
phillips screwdriver
*siphon pump(if you are going to remove washer fluid reservoir)

Alright let's start.

1) First, remove the hose clamp and unplug the hose

2) And you're gonna remove secondary air pump unit.
You have to remove 3 nuts (or bolts, my 323 had nuts holding it) to remove air pump unit.

But it's gonna be tricky to remove the bolts/nuts because of this bracket.

Of course you could use combo wrench, but since the space is damn tight, you're gonna have to remove the bracket first. And there's one screw holding this bracket

Unscrew it and remove the bracket.

And removing washer fluid tank will give you MUCH MORE space.

Remove the screw, lift the washer fluid tank and put it somewhere on shock tower IF you are not going to remove the tank completely.
If you are going to, empty the tank with siphon pump first, then remove the tank.

I know, I need to clean them up

Once the bracket and washer fluid tank are removed, now you have much better access

3) Use 10mm socket, remove three 10mm bolts/nuts, they are located under the air pump unit.

Once you remove it, you need to unplug the wire to remove the pump unit completely.

Yeah, idiotic ex-owner just decided to break the plastic bolts, pump was dancing on the bracket. It was sooo easy to remove the pump -_-

4) Now you're going to remove the valve.
Remove a hose clamp and a small hose goes to the valve.

Two 10mm nuts are holding the valve, remove them.

Eww, look how dirty it is

5) Ok, time to install new parts.
Reverse the process, make sure you install the valve first. Then install air pump, bracket, and connect every hose back. Don't forget about washer fluid tank lol.

Well that's it. It was pretty easy DIY. Now, get some beer and say goodbye to SES light

Hope this DIY was helpful!
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