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Originally Posted by tim330i View Post
Great thread, I'm adding it to the DIY sticky thread now.

I didn't expect that my first DIY thread would be added on DIY sticky..Thank youuuu

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Oh, I also removed the cover of the pump (three tabs)...saw that the filter was also a little gunked up with oil too...but since I couldn't find just that part I left it...but I had also read of some guy who shot WD40 through pump to clear things up...I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not, but I did it too...actually, before I replaced the hose...for this lube job...I removed hose from valve, turned on car, sprayed wd40 into pump (with foam filter removed) and aimed the other end of the hose away from car (coz it was spraying wd40 around).

Thanks for the great tip, Doug
Yeah using WD40 or some lube will be much much cheaper and effective. I've seen some thread using seafoam to clean up the SAP system, too. SAP system failure is not that common issue, so cleaning it could be the better option.

Originally Posted by Arty View Post
Great thread. Also inspect that rubber pipe. If the inside of it is damaged from oxidisation where it touches the valve, it can leak, leading to blowing exhaust sound when the SAP is running at cold. It's a $10 tube, PN is 11727555680

This hose leaks

Caused by corrosion on the outside of the valve. If it's black in there (combustion residue), that valve isn't closing, and hot gasses are getting up into the SAP and damaging it. This can be cased by a sticking electrical actuator or sticking valve. The electric actuator (a solanoid) I think is wedged round the other side of the engine near the intake.

Clean it with wire wool

Replace the hose if decayed inside.
Great tip again
Before replacing whole SAP system, inspect the hose and replace it if it's damaged. Then as Doug did, you could use some aggressive cleaners such as WD40 or Seafoam to clean them up.
I should add up the cleaning SAP system DIY on this thread. Will work on it soon Thank you guys!

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