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Originally Posted by CRSmoak View Post
Try to work in another venue or two if possible. Spending for example four hours in 1-2 venues is not as good as four hours in 3-4 different venues... it has to do building comfort and rapport among other things. In the end she'll have all these different memories of you two doing all these different things at all these different places... she'll feel as if she knows you better... as if she's known you longer. Trust me it works, just do it if possible. Oh and the longer the date lasts the better... so make it last.

Here's a tip for the next date, make her come to your place... When she arrives go out talk for a minute and as you're about to leave be like, "Oh dang, I forgot something (actually do leave something behind though, keys or whatever)...

come inside real quick so I can get my (insert object) and we'll leave" When you say this don't ask her, tell her... turn your back and just start walking assuming she'll follow. Another way is by starting kino already, just put your hand on her lower back for a few seconds and lead her. Then you can show her you're house/apartment, be sure to make it quick though, all you're doing is getting her comfortable in your place. The fact that you'll be rushing and hustling her out again quickly to go on the 'date' will make her even more comfortable in your house and possibly even curious. To top it off it can also be considered another quick venue and remember, the more venues you can naturally work in the better.

When changing venues though try to make them seem as spontaneous and natural as possible. For example go to another venue near by and not one that's 10-20 minutes away...

Anyway, just thought I'd throw out some quick tips... good luck.
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