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Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
I'm trying not to get too excited. The car felt good tonight, but I'm sure it's just mental. I really doubt the TB made that much power. Still, I'm excited. Hoping for Saturday morning for the pulls. It only supposed to be a high of 90, last time it was around 100 when I hit the rollers.
I was running the M50 TB for the longest time and finally got a mechanical M54 unit. It runs all of the M50 components on an M54-sized unit. (20% larger bore area)

Initially, the change felt awesome! The car seemed to have much better throttle response and felt more powerful. I came to realize that it was mostly an illusion because going to a larger bore changes relation of pedal position to airflow. For instance, on the smaller bore I had 100CFM at 20% throttle, on the larger bore I had it at 16% throttle.

There is more true power fer sure, but I doubt it's more than 5 hp.
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