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So I haven't been able to get much done with her in the past two weeks, work has been pretty crazy and I had to help my friend move etc etc. The good news is that I've been able to keep my whole labor day weekend free and the g/f will be out of town so I'll have all the time in world to really get some of the body repair done. I'm hoping to get both rockers fully repaired and then get some por-15 in there before I weld on the new outer skins. I'm also hoping to get at least the driver side floor patched up. Then all that would be left would be left to repair would be the passenger front floorboard and I can start putting the interior back together.

But just because I haven't had time to work on her doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of her. Considering the condition that the stock (read original) seats were in I was keeping my eye out for some replacement. The this past weekend I found two Recaro's from the e21 320is down in cinci for a good price.


I'll probably end up recovering them in black vinyl and alcantara or something along those lines down the road, but for now they're still light years ahead of what was in there to begin with. I'm just glad I won't have to pick off pieces of foam from my back every time I get out of the car.

Then since the front seats were getting replaced I figured I should do something with the rear as well. The stock rear bench had a couple of gashes as well as zero foam left. So a quick search on bimmerforums turned up a 6 series being parted out just north of me. That scored me these beauties:

Rear Seats from e24

These also included my personal favorite feature:

Arm Rest!

The fold down middle arm rest!

Just for comparison this is what the normal 2002 seats look like (not the ones from my car though):



Both the front and rears feel great. They really hold you in place. They're also incredibly light, but I'm used to the e46 M3 seats so that's not really saying much.

I was also able to get a really good deal on a complete set of beltline trim (the po shaved it off the car before I got it). The best part is non of the pieces are dented or dinged up. After some polishing they should look really good.

Beltline Trim Pieces

All in all she should be starting to come back together very soon, and then I get get out and driver her again, I can't wait!
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