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Originally Posted by electric130 View Post
what do you mean by the bixenon and the high beam? what does that do?

mine already auto locks when i start driving. i just need you to figure out how to unlock when you turn the car off.
When you have a car that came with halogens and you switch over to xenon/bixenons you get a bulb out warning on the you have to code or have it coded at the dealer over to accept the bixenons so that you don't have the "BOW".....when you do this you loose the high beams when you push the stalk forward because with bixenons it activates a diff pin in the lzm.....
So I custom coded my car to accept the bixenons and STILL have halogen high beams.

Now as far as the auto unlock....some cars have the option some don't...I have to add the code to the ecu for the ones that don't...that's what I'm working on.....

Also on the auto closing of windows with the keyfob
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