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Originally posted by futurebmw330ci
first of all where can swirl marks come from?

And the second question is.. can swirl marks come from the way u dry, polish and wax ur car.

I use the meguiars 3step clean so paint cleaner would be one of the things i apply too
Any suggestions on these?
Swirl marks come from the way you wash, dry, and wax your car. Swirls are actually very fine scratches in the paint. The only way to remove swirl marks is to polish the paint with a machine polisher - it is impossible to remove them by hand. You can reduce their visibility by hand, but not remove them. Paint cleaners like the Meguiar's you mention only round off the edges of the swirls so the scratches are less likely to reflect light. Many also have fillers that temporarily fill in the swirls.

It's a fact of life that your car will accumulate swirls as you wash and wax it. All you can do is be sure that when you wash it you use plenty of water, a good car washing soap (my favorite is Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo), and a very clean wash mit or rag (I use a black sheepskin mit on my black car). Then dry very gently using good clean microfiber towels, wiping along the direction of the panel and not in circular motions. Apply wax the same way - gently and with a good clean applicator, in straight lines along the panels, buffing off gently with good clean microfiber towels. I like the microfiber towels from Pakshak.

Here are some links for supplies:
Pinnacle Car Care Products
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7424 Random-Orbit Polisher

Best machine polish
Good place for microfiber towels

Thanks for the compliments on my car!
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