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To the original poster, you will need to manage your expectations. This is not the best head unit in the world. This is an extremely good head unit for $600... for an E46 owner that wants an OEM looking receiver. There are better navigation head units out there, but they cost more money and the install is more complex.

Out of the box, the Dynavin is very easy to install into an E46 without OEM navigation. If you've installed a car stereo before, this will take you a maximum of a few hours. If you go very slowly and carefully, it may take you a whole afternoon, but the install is "plug-n-play" since the Dynavin harness plugs directly into the OEM BMW radio harness.

If you have OEM navigation, aftermarket amplifiers and/or speakers, you will have a little more work to do.

If you already have aftermarket equipment, you're probably treading the line of whether this receiver is good enough for you. I say that because if you have a/d/s or cdt speakers being powered by an aftermarket amplifier, you're probably picky... and if you're picky, you'll have to make your own judgement on whether this head unit is good enough for you.

Originally Posted by BrutaL View Post
Strange that that thought crossed my mind the other day. With the increasing popularity of the Dynavin it's just a matter of time and thieves will "recognize" and start breaking into our ride and stealing our units. Wish the Dynavin had a removable face plate
I don't think that car thieves would bother stealing such a niche market device. Why would you break into a BMW to steal a cheap head-unit that will only work in other BMWs? The Dynavin has no manufacturer markings on it and many E46s come with OEM navigation screens, which are in the same place.

I'm no expert, but if I were a car thief, I would focus on stealing things that were more marketable. Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine -- those'll fit in almost any car. That's why iPods, Garmins, and TomToms are the most commonly stolen things from cars. They're easy to sell.

Plus, what kind of BMW owner would buy a used Dynavin off a shady car thief? I don't know about anyone else here, but I wouldn't buy a used Dynavin from someone shady if they didn't have the original box and accessories.

This is probably contrary to popular belief, but I just think that detachable face plates make it much more obvious that you're trying to hide something of value. Let's pretend that I'm looking to steal your head unit. If I looked into a car and saw that the head unit's faceplate was missing, I'd immediately know that the car's owner thought the head unit was valuable... and since the Dynavin has that nice 7" touchscreen with that extra-wide OEM BMW form factor, I know that you didn't put it on your pocket (unless you're carrying a man-purse), so that probably means it's either locked in your glovebox or locked in your trunk.
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