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Im happy with the unit, fantastic upgrade. My total costs were pretty low after I sold my factory HU, my Dice kit, and my Garmin, and if I ever sell my car I can list it as having nav and bluetooth built in.

As far as functionality, I give it an 8 out of 10. Everything works fine in my unit, no bugs. Only refinements I wish mine had were modifiable menus in radio/usb/ipod mode, I wish it wouldnt pause the radio/ipod when I reverse (but I love my reverse camera), the glare. But these are small issues compared to updated looks, the tons of new features, and the potential to expand the platform.

With a $10 or $20 program I now have full access to WindowsCE so I can install and run anything I choose. Its amazing having a full OS in your dash.

I also can install multiple GPS programs and update whenever I choose at no cost.

Compared to my other option of spending over $1000 for oem nav that I have to purchase DVDs to upgrade, with no touch screen and limited features...this is just a hands down no brainer.

Completely satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their cars features/performance/value

Edit: Im also going to start looking into installing software to monitor the OBD or something like Carsoft.
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