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Originally Posted by chivo328 View Post
You don't want a girl friend, you want someone to take care of a mother. How old are you anyways? Oh and just how drunk were you when you made this thread? Cause quite a bit of it makes absolutely no sense what-so -ever.
Im not drunk. Im like lost. I have a big heart for someone I love. Its hard for me to let go of something that I have.

Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
What do you do? You grow up.

You realize that what you're doing is not maintaining a relationship with someone you love, you're clinging to a fantasy with someone you lust after.

You can commit to a real relationship, and start putting that relationship first, realizing that there are things more important that yourself. Or you can move on with your life, realize that it's not going to work, and get over it.

And 1.6 years for a reaction like this? You sound like you're about 16. This is part of life. Time to put on your big boy panties and become a man.

Im 21, I had the worst heart break at 18 so I know what it feels like. But except at 18 with my prior girl I HAD A REASON to leave for her.

Im also a jealous person. I know Im ganna be depressed for a long time. The same happened with my prior girl but I had people to "lean" on.
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