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Originally Posted by ///M THIS View Post

Me and her have been through so much **** and drama with family, friends, each other. It has toned down a lot now, but for the majority of the time its been hell. Like regret....

But I do not know how to explain, its impossible for me to leave her. I do not know how and where to do it. I have no close friends. I tried having rebounds, but that sh1t doesnt work. No matter how big their boobs or ass is, I cant move on. It doesnt feel the same.. with other girls. but then again I feel connected with her a lot and then I lose it with her and love and respect.

It bothers me alot because I CANT IMAGINE her with another guy. It fvckn hurts man. LIke them holding kissing, sex, txts, convos. Because thats stuff I do now.

I have gone for the end of the world for this girl. But my hands arent clean. I love this girl but I dont see myself without her. I have no one to lay myself on or thoughts. Other girls, or events, or partys only last for that moment. The next morning its like, fvck dude I want my girl and what is she doing? You know what IM talking about guys...? I have tried to get her out of my mind before, its impossible shis all I have. But I can feel this way or act fake. But I love her.

Sometimes I put myself to sleep in pain, its hurts. I think of leaving her of the though at least once a week, if not more. I js cant.

Her face, her eyes, her tears, theres no way in hell. Its not who I am or how Im raised. I feel so bad if I did.

And I HAVE BEFORE, BROKEN UP WITH HER. But its one of those moments when you say stupid sh1t you dont mean and 5 min later your kissing them. Its so hard.

What I do?
Ok, so you're 21, you think you're in love. You've even been through a breakup before! Congratulations! Welcome to the exclusive club of "Everybody"!

You say it "doesn't feel the same with other girls". No sh!t, you're not in a year and a half relationship with other girls.
You can't move on no matter how big their boobs or ass is? That's your standard for dating someone? That might be a standard for finding a hookup, but not for a relationship.
Your hands aren't clean? And you're wondering why your relationship sucks?
She's all you have? And again, you're wondering why your relationship sucks?
You talk about other girls only lasting for a moment, see last statement.

If you're going to be in a committed relationship, you need to commit. If you're the kind that spouts off at the mouth with a whole bunch of stuff you don't mean, then five minutes later you want to be making out with her, it sounds like you need to mature a little bit, learn how to not say things you regret, and, like I said in my first post:

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