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My Ride: 2001 BMW 330ci vert
Could you folks please help me isolate the noise like Dave96dcm did to verify noise is from the power steering pump?

The noise coming from my 2001 330ci vert (manufactured July 2000 per vin so pump should be a LF-20) seems to change with rpm and only upon warming up. Within a couple mins, it's gone. Once the car is warmed, noise goes away. I don't seem to have any fluid leaks, and when turning the steering wheel when the noise occurs, it does not change the sound.

It does seem the be loud on the right side (near power steering - who knows). I've had the Tischer ( cooling system kit for a year and a half (serp and ac belts/water pump/hoses), so I am pretty confident the cooling portion is ok.

I have also read noise could possibly be tensioners?... and not necessarily the pump and would like to also know your thoughts on this. I saw that Tischer sells belt/tensioner/pulley conversion kit for $340, and also saw the ps pump for $370 at getbmwparts ($328 OEM pump at aboveallmotorwerks. Would like to isolate best I can due to unemployment. =/

Your help is very much appreciated folks. I'd be thousands of bucks in the hole if I had to bring my Bimmer in BMW so I use you professionals instead.

***Will record a little audio or video clip when car cools down - hope its not overkill ***

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