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we sell both the VMR and Alufelgen and there are some distinct differences between the wheels that customers usually consider when purchasing wheels for the E46 M3.
1. VMR makes the VB3 in a 10" rear
2. Aluflelgen is the most accurate of representation of the real CSL wheel
3. Alufelgen has 19 - 8.5 et35 which is a little bit more aggressive than the VMR VB3
4. VMR has the 19 - 9.5" et33 which some/many have opted for an aggressive front in combination with the 10.0" rears that only VMR has.

personally, i really like the 19 - 9.5/10.0 combination, if you can pull it off, although some work is needed.

Also, if this is for non-M E46, VMR has the best fitments, aggressive kind or the regular plug and play kind.
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