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i know what you mean but i don't want to go for the money

Originally Posted by Pir4t View Post
Too many colors in the engine bay , you should paint the silver black and play around with it a bit.

Something like this but red
and the time factor at this time.... im trying to play up the silver in my engine bay.... wanting to paint my engine bay for the longest time but you have to take out the engine and then flatbed the car to the paint shop and then back to the speed shop.... i really don't want to take the time to do it plus the cost of the hole project at this time... plus my car is my dd to most of the time.....but i know what you are saying.... and to let you know the speed shop painted the air intake is that what you call it the red color and gave it to me when they install it....i really did not want that painted red....but the guys on my car club said it look ok so i kept it..... i really want to crome the parts in my engine bay... to keep with the silver theme..... but money is tight for me at this time.... i just finish remodeling my second floor in my house that ran me a good 75,000 and im not done with that so my car is secondary
at this time but down the road i will do for the most part what you are advising me to do....
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