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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Good post!

The main problem with humans is that we think that we know everything, and if it can't be understood nor explained in our "limited" capacity, it must not be possible.
Originally Posted by Tom5933 View Post
One of the truest posts i've ever seen on E46fanatics

Just think about the people on Earth. Look at some of the people in Africa. A week or so ago I read that a woman wanted two boys ( ages 7 and 10 or so ) to be killed because she said that they cursed her daughter and they were responsible for her death.

And there are people that still think that the Earth is flat and that think that science should be limited because 'if God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings.'

The Universe is a big place and I don't think that laws of nature that apply to Earthbound residents necessarily apply to everyone else. Just because a scientist does not understand it because it does not conform to their accepted rules of the world, does not mean that things are possible elsewhere that we have not learned about, or there are laws of nature that exist that we have not learned to apply yet.

One example would be Helium 13. It's an element that is rarely found on Earth but it is found on abundance on the Moon. Just a few tons of the element would power ( utilized like a nuke plant I imagine ) a small nation for a year or more. I feel confident that with all the new planets that have been discovered and the new moons that continue to be found that there are probably other elements and characteristics that are common to them that are unknown to us now.

I figure that every moon and every planet developed uniquely unto itself independent of other planets/moons. So I think that there are unique qualities to each one that we have yet to learn.
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