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Originally Posted by sdradsmd View Post
I drove from out of town to see this car.
There is a shady history about this car. The guy said he owned the car for a few years, but I saw a bill of sale in the glove compartment stating that he bought it two months ago.
The car has been driven HARD and not babied at all (lots of wear and tear on suspension and tires). The interior looks used.
The hood and trunk are not aligned. The clear coat is coming off the front bumper and there is a large horizontal scratch on the back bumper.

Good luck
Awesome! Thanks for the info. I saw this exact car on sale 3 months ago and was going to possibly buy from that owner but he sold it to this guy a few months back. Then when I saw it again online and when I spoke to him he mentioned he owned it for 3 years. I thought something was fishy about that as well.

Thank you so much for posting that information, saved me a long drive to go check it out!!
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