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Originally Posted by dakkon View Post
when we did mine, we just hung the calipers...

it took me and 2 of my buddies 1.5 days to do the same thing.. the buddy who's house we were doing the work at is a welder, and fabricator by trade so we were good to go there... it took him about 1-2 hr's of welding to get everything done. and he has done 4 other cars besides mine. so if you are talking with a welder, I would say between 2-3 hrs depending on their experience...

I would disagree with the gas tank and leaving it in place... There is no way that i would do this with the gas tank in the car.. even if you are careful... that is the LAST thing you want going wrong. It doesn't take that long to take the Gas tank down.. also try to have 1/8 or less gas in the tank.....

if you are doing this, its really the perfect time to do anything on the rear suspension. ball joints/bushings what ever.

like others have said, this really isn't that "Hard" but the welding can be quite intimidating. I have seen some guys MIG weld this in, but i would reccomend not MIGing it in, but make sure that the welder is TIGing.. much stronger weld.

Although TIG welding is undoubtedly a stronger weld, I feel that a MIG weld is strong enough for the reinforcement. Had a TIG welder been available to me I definitely would have used it, but I feel a MIG welder can handle the job if one is not available. It's been over a year since mine was repaired and it is holding up fine. I am an aggressive driver, too.

Originally Posted by ruckus323 View Post
Is this reinforcement any different than the class action lawsuit subframe inspection and repair? I just took mine to the stealership an they're ordering parts.
I believe if BMW performs the repair they actually cut the section of the frame out that is prone to cracking and weld in a new "updated" chassis piece. Some are able to have the TMS reinforcements welded in by the shop performing the repair during the process, others are not.
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