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There are some days that I wish that either of the following would occur:
  • ...That the government would stop lying and be forthright about collected ET intelligence (..Yes! It's a tall order, and I realize why it isn't done, but it would really shut people up...........OR cause anarchy, but I can handle that).
  • ...That an alien vessel would land/expose itself somewhere in full public view in broad daylight; a location where a dispute would be asinine
  • ...Or fvck it! Let them come "Independence Day" style. At least I can say, "I told you so b|tches!!!" before I'm vaporized.

P.S. Yes! The Area51 thread is a classic.
Originally Posted by Qwel on "Manhattan Project"
You heard of me.....burgandy and outlines like murder scenes; Germany..took ferns and flat whites for blurring greens.

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