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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
love it, you just took me back 15-20 when the emphasis was on proper (and often complex) design, great sound, and clean installs. I had a couple of killers systems back then, 32 band EQs, amps that weighed 30 pounds, horns (ID....sweeeeeeet), high quality components, all the good stuff........ahhhh.....the good old days. Remember when 400 watts was a lot! (and 400 REAL watts would knock your head off) Now all that matters is the ipod connection and how well your cell phone transfers over bluetooth.....
I hear ya! Funny how times have changed!

My first "system" was a 10 watt/channel "CONCORDE" cassette tape player (yes, that was considered a high-powered unit) running back to 2 JENSEN 6x9's, that's it! And my buddies were jealous!! So sad...

(Glad I'm not the only relic around this joint!)
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