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I agree, although after sending the picture of my current Y to Burns, he said it's pretty close to how they do it. I sent him a better pic to review.

It's on my list, I just need to get some cash together. Another $230 plus welding wasn't in my budget for this, yet.

Also working on getting some parts together for another small project, plus buying a head, and still trying to save up for the ATI damper. Ugh...

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
The problem is the Y pipe, period. There is no loss in power going to larger and larger pipe after the merfer. The merger must expand too fast, causing the exhaust gases to cool and slow down, which is why there is a loss of low end power. I've pointed this out before.

The Single 3" pipe has just a bit more surface area than dual 2" pipes, and when the merger is designed correctly, there should be no loss in power. Period.

From Bimmerworlds graph, I don't see a loss in power, but I do see a dyno run that was started later than the inital baseline, which causes a huge dip at the begining as the engine revs under load.
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