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Well, to get a better understanding of how much the manifold-back section of the exhaust is doing, you could always do a dyno run with just the exhaust manifold. I'm not positive on this, but I've always felt like everything after the exhaust manifold did little in terms of performance, and that being the reason why most formula and le mans prototype exhaust manifolds look the way they do.

For some reason I think that the biggest limitation is the software, which from my understanding is just a basic Jim Conforti Shark Injector tune?

Originally Posted by ETA View Post
What I'd like to change if it was mine is the two 90 degree bends and they are real close to each other. 90's slow the flow. the oem exhaust shows 45's.

but on the other hand the increase in size may make up for it?

didnt you increase the throttle body as well, or did you dyno with the other exhaust sorry i missed it
The bend radius of the 3" tubing is much larger than the bend radius of the 2" tubing, and needs to turn a little more to compensate.

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