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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
You're sure it's coolant? to ask.

Okay, I'm thinking throwout bearing in clutch now...but I don't really know enough about them to know for sure...but when engaged, that bearing is'd probably notice it just after being engaged, I'd think...Search for symptoms of that...and see if anyone guesses how long they can go from the first sound?

Someone might off the guess to check your trans/diff fluid, and if you haven't ever done that, it couldn't hurt...unless you're a moron, or just didn't study enough diys on it! Don't know what might rattle in trans itself, other than a loose tooth or two getting tossed around...and think that might be more than a light grinding...but maybe not...but don't go crazy yet...I'm just a random internet guy suggesting tons of stuff it could be!

But, you know, every sound doesn't mean catastrophe right around the corner. I know my wheel bearings aren't running smooth, but I feel nothing and hear even less...just on high load turns and then just slightly. I'm monitoring.

Could be that, and I don't know how you shift...whether you keep foot on clutch a lot or not...or what PO drove car like...

There's an app for monitoring frequency...forget the name...vibrate (maybe that's something else!)...prolly frequency analyzer.

Anyway, if you're smarter than me, you might translate the frequency into some guesses as to what sized rotating thing you're hearing the sound from.

Fast might be throwout bearing, driveshaft, wheel bearings, water pump... a little slower--tires/wheels

But, I couldn't make heads or tails of it when I was hunting my vibration...I've had many I had to work them all...but the front wheel bearings and the two slightly flat spotted rear wheels...both together not app and maybe you're a physics major and can actually calculate diameter of thing rotating given a fixed cruising speed. If so, send formula and instructions for other curious fanatics.

unfortunately im a law major so we will have to find some else to get al of us curios fanatics that formula.

i was thinking throwout baring too but since it only does it while it is moving and not when its in neutral i think its something else.

im thinking the driveway now but it still doesn't explain the coolant leak although i know i have had a minor leak going on since the et exploded last winter but i just check the level every few days to keep it full so it might not even be related to my problem. i would still think tyranny if it wasn't for the part that it drives and shifts fine still, it just sounds bad (i haven't been driving it around town though, only trying to center the sound in my driveway)

thank you random internet guy for throwing out those ideas
Stupid f**king plastic parts!
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