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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Glad you found it...but you really should get this car to a mechanic who can foresee stuff like this. That's real bad to be in that shape, and it's right there...anyone with flashlight and ability to look up could see that.

Okay, I'm a little sorry it's not the WP, though we can only hope that I get to be right for once too...but it still might be. Little coolant leaks are the car's way of saying take care of me. And dripping a little coolant might be nothing now, but you do need to know where it's coming from. Some things might increase their rate of failure very quickly and it could the the ET again...just coz it's new doesn't mean it won't fail.

But, on the guibo again...that's really bad...and if you had a ppi, should have been noted...if you've ever had it for oil change at other than Jiffy lube, I'd be surprised that no one noticed it.

No, they don't really fall apart catastrophically, but it's holding a driveshaft spinning very fast...that part is there for a reason. Yes, you can diy this, but there's a lot to learn about to do it's not really easy. And, at the point that you're doing it, then you ought to consider center support, which frankly, has to have been going through a beating for some time...dropping exhaust, heat shield for that...just awkward...but mind the many details of both the 'simple' guibo install and csb if you do's more than just torque to need new bolts and need to install bolts right direction (and opinions vary on that)...that one stopped me...coz of the dropping the exhaust (new gasket for that and your bolts are also rusted!)...

If you've got the know how, tools, and equipment, then study up and have at it...btw, I believe you can just do guibo without removing everything...though that might not be quite the proper way. But, seriously, please work on finding a better mechanic and developing some kind of relationship so you have someone who cares about your car, and you know, uses their special mechanic powers to see things like ripped up guibos, failed cabs, broken end links, leaking coolant or other fluid...stuff like that. Find the right mechanic and you'll see that those special powers come largely from knowing lots of stuff about cars...they can help keep you start searching the regionals to find your mechanic...this might be a good time to use a good one and have them give your car the once over.


i have in the past taken good care of my cars and little things like coolant leaks i get fixed right away, but when i got laid off and my income went WAY down i wasn't able to get even little things fixed. i don't have access to a car lift anymore so i don't look under my car as much as i use to. anyways i have a job again that pays decent so i can finally start replacing and maintaining all of the parts on my car. and the little coolant leak was right at the top of my list. i think i am going to take it to a mechanic to have the guibo replaced, i have the mechanical knowledge to do it, but im lacking tools, i don't have a free garage with everything imaginable in it anymore.

and the bolts are probably rusted from driving up a mountain every weekend in this car for a ski season that they still salted the roads, i would clean it once a week the best i could but even that wasn't enough.
Stupid f**king plastic parts!
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