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If you're into 1911's, magazines are by far the single weakest link of the system. Check out mags from Checkmate, Chip Mckormick powermags, definitely the Wilson 47D's and the ones that I feel are the absolute tops are the Tripp Cobra mags. Don't get attached to magazines, use them and then ditch them. Each 1911 will be picky to which mag it prefers. My Springfield loves the Tripp, springfield oem, checkmate mags. It hates the Wilson 47d's. My other 1911's run like sewing machines with the wilsons. Just gotta find out which one your gun works the best with. 1911's are high maintenance compared to Glock/M&P/XD's. That comes to so many things ON TOP of magazines. A few things to make sure you've found YOUR 1911 to be comfortable:

-JHP designs (some wide lipped designs will get caught up on the feed ramp, ie HST's every now and then)
-Internal parts such as after market extractors
-Recoil springs
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