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Ok, so my review that I should've put up 4 months ago.

1) Yes they use internal bump stops
2) Mkodama had it dead on, if you are reusing your old spring rubbers, they will have a seperate indentation on them from where the spring sat, just line it up there.
3) The pictures illustrate a Bilstein shock installed correctly
4) Once again Mkodama nailed it on the had, although I must admit I just went the impact route, and after ~4,500 miles I am fine.

Review: Bilstein Sport Shocks and Struts, H&R Sport Springs (for a car w/ factory sport suspension, the rest of you guys this is your race springs), H&R 3-way adjustable rear sway bar, H&R 2-way adjustable front sway bar, Powerflex FCAB's (Black 66mm pre-pressed), Sachs front shock mounts, O.E. rear shock mounts, Lemfoerder front and rear sway bar endlinks, Lemfoerder Outer Tie Rod Ends, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting.

The car handles beautifully. The ride is slightly more harsh but not bad at all, I would rate it as being the same as a stock E46 M3. I am running 18" wheels so the drop is negated partly by that however it def. sits about .5" lower all around and has a very aggresive stance, expect >1" drop with o.e. 17"s. Handling, body roll is almost non-existent now, the car will still understeer however it is much much much milder, and if you are an inexperienced driver and hit the gas before the apex during the understeer I can see where you could get some snap oversteer. Steering has a much more direct feel and she lets you know what is going on before it ever happens. On the street you will be hard pressed to ever get this suspension setup to get to the point of losing it, on the racetrack it is a great setup and has been measured by my phone at .97 lateral g's on BF Goodrich G-Force KDW 2's this is an improvement from .90 on the same tires with stock sport suspension, I expect it could probably pull 1g with r comps. Although if you are buying this for track only I would stronly suggest going w/ Bilstein PSS 10 coilovers because of their adjustibility of rebound and compression, etc etc etc... All in all it was well worth the ~1500 I spent to rebuild the suspension, it is most certainly the best mod I have done on this car closely followed by UUC Flywheel and E36 M3 Performance Organic Clutch.
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M3 - Not enough room to list

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