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Originally Posted by USCTrojanMan29 View Post
Thank you, I want to enjoy myself a little bit before I get old. I've saved a good bit of money the past 2 years by tightening my belt financially and now that my income is back on the upswing I'd like to reward myself a little bit. Even with a $1,200+ per month car payment, I'll still be able to put away a decent amount of money away each month. Besides, a car loan at 2.99% is almost like a no interest loan in my eyes. Tomorrow isn't promised for anyone, so I want to live a little. Besides, I probably won't buy the car until sometime next year.
If you get the job I'd try to pick one up this year around Decemeber-February. Sports car prices always tend to go down during those months, especially if you spread out your search to states with harsher winters.
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