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awesome story>>> """I can remember the day I fell in love with this car exactly. I was maybe 14, my friends dad had just gotten a Porsche Carrera (old school carrera, late 70's, early 80's). He took my friend and I out for a ride, and clear as day I said "this must be a fast car" and he replied "not as fast as that" and pointed to the E30. From that point on, I was in love. 10 years later I pick up my first BMW, and within the next 10 years...I will have something with an ///M badge on it! """

i can't remember if thi swas an actuall commercial I have seen on t.v. or if it's just something I thought up but I remember always thinking about a bunch of kids playing in the street like stick ball, kick ball or tag or something and everytime a car comes they would say "time out, hold on a 'car' is coming" and then move aside talk and still sorta play along the side of the street and not pay any attention to the vehicle what so ever, but then a BMW comes around the corner and all the kids say is if in chorus "whoa hold up, a 'BMW' is coming" and they would all drop everything step right up to the edge of the curb and all their jaws drop and they all turn their heads following the BMW as it passes by, they are all smiling, the driver is smiling, and they all wave to the driver and the driver waves back and they are all awe struck until the BMW reaches the 10 mile visibility range and slowly the game picks back up and they are all left feelin like the first time they seen a chick naked.

if it was a commercial then I love the memory if not then here it is and it is and out there so when u see it on T.V. rememebr where u saw it first...
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