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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Yes you can retard the timing on a VANOS equipped engine.

Agreed about the cams when looking at them by themselves; they have a sweet spot of about 2000 RPM. Normally you will find peak torque to be 1500 RPM below peak HP with fixed cam timing.

Look at the torque output of the N52 engines. With 2 stages of resonance tuning in the intake manifold, variable valve timing, and variable lift, (not a performance benefit at WOT) it's torque band is over 3000 RPM wide. The trick there is the tuning....

I am the only person I know of to experiment with Nitrous on M54s with the ability to "tune". Who else are you referencing that has changed timing on an M54 running nitrous?

Changing cam timing has NO effect on the valve opening and closing duration.
I was talking motor's in general not just M54's. I'm still learning got a few more years of book work I suppose you would need to change cams to keep the intake open longer. I was a little off Makes since now hovering you only have vanos on the intake side. so you basically came up with your own dual vanos? Good info here!

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