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Teenee, search the DIY section for Trans Flush

So all I have done was replace the trans fluid and filter with Red Line D4. Before the reverse was failing 1/20 times ish. Directly after the flush, reverse was failling at about 1/50 times. Now, over the past 2 months and 100 ish drives, Reverse has worked every time. So it appears to be getting better with time after the flush, not sure why.

I still plan on replacing the Valve Body at some point, but if its over 100 drives before reverse fails once, then I can probably just live with it.

Also I noticed the last time it failed, I drove forward for a block and it was working again, which is faster than it was before.

Not at all sure why, but good news none the less.
Update again

Reverse has not failed in over 150 drives and 3-4 months.

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