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So far, I have the sub, amps, OEM rears, CDT fronts all hooked up and playing. Could stop here but I'm not going to...but so far:

Results: Sounds great, but I really need to balance and tweak the system. I'll have to mess with crossover settings, phase, etc.

I had the woofer(s) cranked up pretty loud and they move a lot more air than I expected! I'm a little paranoid to really crank it up though, I want to wait till everything is just a little more broken-in.

The AudioControl LC6i (LOC) is very, very nice. I'm very happy with it; didn't even need to run a remote turn-on from the head unit to anything - the LOC senses the signal and then delay-powers on everything else (the Alpines). Sweet feature!

The rear fills are still OEM for now. Once I get some new CDTs for back there, I'll throw in some more fill power to "bring up the rear".

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way, either directly, or through thier posts that I took ideas or inspiration from: CA1242, Orion329, and RSL to name a few.

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