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Hmm..this v5 is the first one that actually had me pondering the possibilities.

I've concluded that it's still a no-go for me without:

1.) being able to use the talking face button on the steering wheel to activates a phones' voice dialing. That is critical. The Parrot/Connects2 system can do that so it's doable. Phone use/dialing while driving became illegal in my area this year. This is a must have.

2.) showing ID3 text from a USB stick. I love using tunes from a USB stick (have GROM USB currently). Also, I agree it should go deeper in folders (genre/artist/album/song or even artist/album/song). Can you do random from the USB stick? If so random within a folder or jsut the whole stick?

It's getting close though, WAY better than v1,v2.
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