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thanks alot for the kind words

Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
Bob, your time has become a better and better showcar over time. I remember back in the day, when awezm's carbon black M3 'vert and your car were the only 2 heavily modded carbon black M3s I had seen. Back when you had the carbon black HREs.

His car became overly-done over the years and yours has continued down the right path. Keep doing what you're doing my man.

The only thing I would change on your car right now is, paint the oil cooler bracket flat black. Red is reserved for cool things, not brackets
i have to say my car is 95% finish or for the next 2 yrs not doing nothing big on my car.. i think i will take your advise over the winter.... the only big thing i want to do in 2 yrs is paint the engine bay... because i feel very real show car should have a high gloss paint job in their car....after that im done...totally.... i feel my car can hold it own with almost any car on the showcar circuit.. i say their is maybe 3 cars that can beat mine on the circuit
in the new york new jersey area....i can say im happy with how my car is know and i can live with it.... after the engine bay gets done im finish.....
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