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Originally Posted by Rayce185 View Post
Quick (amateur) question: Are the post-header diameters the same size on your car? I noticed that mine have different sizes... On my headers AND the Bastuck midpipes
I noticed the same thing on mine, very odd.

I wish I would have dyno'd my car before I had the new exhaust built. My new exhaust is very similar to Aggie's, a flange, maybe a foot or so of piping, a merge to 3" piping, a 3" straight through muffler, (flowmaster?) then another flange before the final muffler, and 3" (reduces 2.5" internally, not sure why) Borla Pro XS.

It's nice and quiet on the street, and I can easily unbolt the Borla to uncork it for competition time. Love it. Not sure if it actually made any power, but I dropped probably 40 lbs.

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