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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
All the FAQs have already been addressed so that's exactly what you're doing, asking the same questions over and over again and some of the questions were even answered only a couple of posts above yours.

Also, a couple of items you list as "bugs" and say they need to be fixed are not bugs at all, for example your question below......

Firstly, how is it "random" if the music stops when a call comes through, sounds pretty intentional to me.
This is not a bug it's how all bluetooth system works, in all cars, or would you rather answer the phone with music blasting in your ears so you can't hear the call?
And again regarding reversing cameras, they all operate the same way, music is muted when in reverse, it's a safety feature and makes sense when you think about it.
dude, I'd rather have my music turned down a little bit and hear some kind of beep instead of music shutting off all of a sudden while im blasting it, and my subs knocking hard. and then all you hear is a huge thump and everything is muted for 5 seconds til your phone is ringing. dont tell me that doesnt bother you lmao. Oh I never even heard of music shutting off when your car is in reverse. So keep your personal comments about my post out until you find all of the answers to my questions that were "answered before". It is easy to say when "yeah you obviously didnt bother to read anything!" but you probably couldnt answer most of my questions unless you have the new V5 Dynavin. capiche
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