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Originally Posted by Sshark View Post
does the new v5 have more than one aux input?
One audio/video Aux input

Originally Posted by Sakis_Gr View Post
Hi to all members!

V5 keeped the function of dim button?? The right 'X' there was in the right corner of V.4 DVN-E46 unit. It was great to dim OFF the display while driving in the nights, hope the V.5 supports this.
The V5 no longer has the button to turn off the screen, it does have easy access to the screen controls however so it is easy to just turn the screen brightness all the way down... effectively turning it off.

Originally Posted by Scotty_89 View Post
Everything about this unit sounds great, however, I read on the Dynavin site that the audio out's are only 1.2v... most high-end head units put out 4v (or greater).

Don't get me wrong, the Dynavin looks like a fantastic deal for the price -- but I'm just curious, are there any audiophiles who've installed one and been completely satisfied with the sound quality?
How exactly does the SQ compare to high end HU's and multi-media units? (assuming that you're running quality cables, nice amps & speakers)
Most high end units do have high volt preouts....but I wouldnt consider the dynavin "high end".... The dynavin has a basic feature set so if you want extensive adjustments, EQs, crossovers, time alignment, etc...look elsewhere (or run an preamp EQ with all those functions, thats what I do)

I have a full aftermarket system in my car and the RCA outputs seem to have plenty of output, my gains are set low and I have no hiss or anything like that so I would say the voltage is sufficient to run most amps or preamps without issue. (remember .5V was considered standard until only a few years ago)

Originally Posted by 330iZHPftw View Post

Also, noticed on the Dynavin engrish website that at the bottom of the Dyanvin for e46 page they have a pic / text that say 'Google Map + GPS Tracker'..false advertising or can/does this thing run Google Maps?

you are misunderstanding what you are seeing there, if you have the 3G modem you can enable a GPS tracker using dynavins website....and the website uses google maps....

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