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Just remembered my little thread i made... seems so long ago. I'm sitting in a college in kelowna waiting for my gf's 3 hour class to end... and found this while checking out some stuff and figured I would update it.

Being a full time unemployed (read debt) student, I couldn't afford much for groceries let alone quality foods like chicken, steak, etc... kraft dinner was a staple food. I worked out hard 4 times a week during feburary -> early april, but the scale just went down instead of up. I moved back to edmonton in may, and a lot of people were commenting saying I looked really skinny... if I was sick etc. This was probably the greatest motivation to make the final push for sustainable change. Having read these forums over and over among countless articles, I felt I had the tools for success. With a full time, well paying job under my belt I signed up at the gym in early june, however struggled to commit... which was strange since I hadn't had the trouble before. With that, I joined a great gym, and after being sold on it... I got a personal trainer. Did I need one to show me how to workout? Absolutely not. I have great form, knowledge of diet, muscle gaining, etc. However just the meer fact that if I missed an appointment, I would lose money and dissapoint my trainer was enough. Same goes for skipping a meal, eating shitty, etc... I just know that next week the scale will read the same and I'll feel awful. So for the last 3 months I have been training very hard, my trainer fixed some problems I had, and showed me weaknesses in my physique to focus on (upper chest being main key, front shoulders were way overdeveloped).

To make this short, when I moved back I was a very unhealthy 165 lbs, which I remained until early july. Since that time, and with a rigorous diet of eggs, rice, chicken, pasta, beef, and potatoes, I got back to my "healthy" weight of around 175 lbs, which is just about the most i've ever been. 3 weeks of staying at that weight (definitely plateauing) but this time sticking through it, not getting discouraged, and eating like a pig (it was a hot topic at work... wish people would stay out of others business, full meals at 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm attract attention) I have now hit 190 lbs... and I am more motivated than ever.

My goal weight is to be a soft 215 in 6 months or less, then begin a much needed cut during the spring/summer. I will post pics of my current physique, who knows if people are actually interested, but I can answer a lot of questions for guys who feel they've struggled with gaining weight.. especially those with a high metabolism like myself. Saying things like "I can't gain weight I can eat anything" is just silly... you just aren't eating enough, and there are ways... nothing comes without hard work.

Hearing comments lately from friends saying wow you got big is one of the best things to hear... but my biggest motivator came last week. I have always wanted to bench 135 lbs (Bar + 2 45 lb plates) because at that weight you at least look like you can push something and not some bar that a guy can curl. I've had one of these bars in my basement for 2 years, and I've never been able to do more than 1 shitty rep with it. Since I don't do bench presses with my training, don't monitor the weight I do let alone reps (I love it this way, I never know when the pain is going to end and just give it my all) I wasn't sure what I could do now. I put the weight on, and powered through 12 solid reps. Little things like that go a long way, at least imo.

I'll keep this thread going, especially since I'll hopefully have nothing but good things to post about.
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