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Originally Posted by ferrarix99 View Post
just a quick question about the front doors, why did you need to trim the door if the window rail was still there blocking the middle? if i mount directly to the door panel (not the metal) , how much clearance would you say is back there 1-2" from the metal to the grille?
The speakers I used are 2.75" total depth from front of speaker to back of magnet. There is a plastic ring that is about .5" deep that the speaker sits against. So you have between 2.75-3.25", depending on how you decide to mount the speaker. I think mine was about as close as you can get. In other words, don't buy a speaker that's more than 2.75" (MAX 3.25") deep. If you don't use the plastic spacer ring, you'll need to trim some plastic...using it you don't.

The cutout isn't for clearance purposes, but rather to give the speaker a larger "enclosure", like a woofer box. There are no real numbers to substantiate this procedure, but it makes sense. The door panel doesn't really give much area to act as a box, so by cutting a passage into the metal door cavity you probably increase the volume 3x (maybe more).
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