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For THIS forum to try and explain what hellaflush and mexiflush is..well, stupid. the reason why this wheel "trend" (born on wide aggressive wheels) wont die is because it was started in the fvcikng 50's with hot rod cars. Which lead to inspire JDM cars which noticed narrow tires yet stronger motors.. Which lead to drift cars (which started stretched tires) to what you see now. Granted, things changed like decals and EXtremely stretched tires. Mind you stretched tires are a japanesse drift application. Yea, VW guys take it to another level, but not everybody uses 195's on a 11" So to try and play it off as a norm is retarded..I laugh when folks say its a tend. Ok so your CSL trunk, CSL wheels, CSL front, M3 parts on a non-M is NOT a trend??? M3 wide bodies? Supercharger kits?? HPF, ect ect.. BMWs on HRE and DPE's NOT a trend?? GTFOutta here!! Every dam car in this forum and on the streets with a mod is based on a TREND. Black rims? tread.. LED tails...trend. Black roof...TREND. CF parts, TREND... crazy "performance exterior parts" (GTR vented hood, etc etc) with a STOCK MOTOR???!!! TTTRRREEEENNNNNND!!! And yes I fall into this SAME category.. We all do. SO everyone get over yourselfs...Cause guess what, your car is based on a trend. To try and explain that your mod(s) are ok and "normal" because its WIDELY expect is the lamest fvcking excuse. Safe and trendy, how nice. Hence, you feel safe to bash or discredit the work of someone or something other than your current trend.. Why? Cause you got others "behind you" to back you up? Doing something outside the norm takes balls, some will say.
If your in the fitment game and bash mexi flush (which mind you is mainly a VW thing and not as extreme as posted on this thread) should also gtfo. Just because the term "mexi" is used doesnt mean its a low rider with tiny wheels and poke all around. Its MAINLY just rear poke. Period..
Lastly, Guess what... Flush fitment IS a STANDARD... Your not bringing nothing to the game expect another flush car. So you dont have room to make a comment abt mexiflush or rear poked cars. And if you not serious abt the fitment game and dont have an open eye and respect abt different applications (makes/models) then GTFO the game. We dont need ppl like you. Its just like any trend or "movement" you should respect it.

Ignorance is bliss for some of you. And i will not post anymore replies abt this. Not worth it.

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