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freind request on fb

I know I know not another one of these..... But just for kicks lets see what you guys think.

I was at an event today with some friends and they were accompanied by this other cute Asian girl that I have seen around but never met. By that I mean we have had similar classes but i was never so inclined to talk to her.

Anyways, we are in a building and my two dude friends are walking ahead of me and I'm chilling with the two girls (one is a friend, other is Asian I don't know) behind. They(2 dudes) get to the door of the building, open and just walk out. Me I open and hold it for both of the girls (as I always do) So the cute Asian girl looks kinda surprised then she turns to me and says, " Hi, I don't think we have formally met, I'm ______" I take her hand and pause for her to notice the pause and introduce myself. Right after that the room I was heading to came up so i just waved good bye to her.

FF to this afternoon I check my FB and I have a friend request from her. So I accept, and now what? how do i capitalize in this situation? Do I write something on her wall or just wait? piitb?

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