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WOW before I owned BMW, I always heard that BMW, Audi, MERC, owners tended to be very pompous, and after owning one I tried not to be and enjoy the true tuner lifestyle and the enthusiast dedication to grass roots movements. After moving on to a different car I noticed the "pompous" attitude even more from these said drivers, and even among those who had completely stock cars and knew nothing about the tuning world. The issue here seems to be the extent of "hellaflush"... yeah theres a limit, but to each their own, and opinions aren't the final verdict of what something should be.

That being said, I have been on a hiatus from this community ever since I shipped my car home to france (and I must say e46fanatics is as boring as ever, there has been a decline in innovation and trend setting in this community) so speaking as an active lexus owner, I personally do not like the car pictured at the beginning of this thread at all. I have seen its various incarnations and conversed with its owner, and understand his motivation to push the limits. Yet the discriminating and biased posts proceeding were just typical of people who have no appreciation for anything that is not there own and have no insight on. There will always be trends that might not appeal to others and "wannabes" who attempt these trends and fail at them. The "hellaflush" vs "hellafunctional" are both striving modern tuner lifestyles and respectively have pros and cons, and winners and losers, but if you aren't a part of it, comments such as "hella ghey", and other non constructive criticisms just means its getting your attention. "Hellaflush" is an ever expanding trend out of So-Cal, and "Hellaignorant" is an ever prevalent attitude among BMW drivers... enjoy the tuning world for what it is, a non BMW dominant society!

* TopazKD your fitment is fantastic, and BMW-UDM great posts!!!
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