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nope I thought it was Blubas car but its not....

I almost got it at 12g's until some dealers realized what it was while it rolled through the block. The auctioneer keep saying look at "dem dere fancy wheels" "its raced out". I even spoke with the people at manheim, they had no idea it was a turbo car. The condition report made no notes and there were no engine pictures until I convinced the rep fromm manheim to get engine bay pics for me and bam...hpf..Ussually they list any aftermarket parts and I'm sure the CEL was on which they did not note.....I stopped bidding at 15g's and wonder how high it would have gone.

The car was not a repo- it was seized....all i know it was missing some door panels that looked like they had been pryed into

I have searched everywhere for pics/info for this car online and found almost nothing.
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