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Originally Posted by rossisboss View Post
sorry to revive, hoping to get some insight...

same symptoms and all at the OP (stumbling at those RPMS, finally turns on the SES light, have 98k miles on it '03 330i ZHP). recently read with a snap-on OBD II scanner at school, here's what I got.
(number followed by the little blurb that the scan tool gives. it was the current top of the line Snap-On model)

2974: O2 sensor bank2, before CAT: interruption
2973: O2 sensor bank2, before CAT: Interuption

and this one

28DD: throttle valve adjust hot film sensor.
I had the same 2800 rpm miss and cured it with a software update at an indy shop. Check out this thread and mainly my post #49.

The update Haverstock got where they send off your DME to Jersey is for the 4000 rpm power dip but I'm sure it also included the latest software update that fixed my miss. I'm guessing that they could have just updated you to the latest s/w and cured your problem without having to send it to NJ but now you don't have to worry about either the 2800 rpm miss or the 4000 rpm power dip. Mine has been working great ever since.

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