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Originally Posted by TRBOVNM View Post
love that they listen to the users and make changes. hopefully they make the changes for the phonebook like some are asking. personally, I don't see a problem with my iphone to hold the home button to activate voice dialing. you don't have to use the phone to dial a number. it is the same as if you used the steering wheel button. and with the bluetooth working, I would assume by doing voice dialing from the phone, everything else still works the same with the dynavin mic and hearing the other person on your car speakers.

only difference is you use the phone to voice dail instead of the steering wheel button.

I do understand having it as a feature with the dynavin should not be hard to do and a nice feature to have, just saying it isn't the end of the world either.
True but not everyone has a phone which supports voice dialling therefore the next best option would be to have the phone book display on the Dynavin rather than picking up your phone to make a call and of course taking a chance on getting nabbed by the police (a $280 fine here in Aus)
The phonebook display is an advertised feature of the Dynavin and therefore should be working.

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