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Originally Posted by ssm1991 View Post
Was supposed to put in the M3 RTABs with Rogue Engineering shims today but ran out of time. Flexing both RTAB brackets with the original RTABs (half-casing) still felt very firm.

So I just installed the shims on the original RTABs just to check out the difference. What I noticed after installing the shims was that even with the RTAB bolt torqued to the spec 81 ft-lbs, with some force I could rotate the bracket around the RTAB unlike before. I noticed this while trying to do the 16mm bar (pre-loading) routine in the TIS and Bentley. So instead of the RTAB metal sleeve being fixed and unmovable relative to the bracket like before, the bracket and shims are now sliding/rotating against the RTAB rubber protrusions.

So basically it now acts like a bearing instead of a springy bushing. Is this the correct behavior for the shims or did I get ones that are a tad too thick and caused the bracket not to lock with the RTAB metal sleeve?
The way the bushings are supposed to work is that the rubber is supposed to do all the flexign the metal inside and outside is supposed to remain stationary in resepect to the part they are bolted to. That way there is no wear on the metal parts
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