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Talking Effin Women....Read my AWESOME story! :D

So I was dating this chick for 3 weeks...everything was going pretty well....she introduced me to her fam kinda fast and I introduced her to mine....we hung out a lot....went to the club took a trip to SF...she talked about wanting to be in a relationship but needed her time because she wasn't really ready for anything serious, granted I never said that I wanted anything serious..maybe just her perception....so then a week after the SF trip goes by and we're still hanging out...we go to yuba City together to go visit her uncle that came to visit from Mexico....that was Thursday.....the next day she doesn't really text or anything.....then sends me a text late in the afternoon saying shes in Yuba with her mom and doesn't know when she'll be back....I was like ok have fun out there....so the weekend goes by and I get one text on Saturday and one text on Sunday....but both were at around like 8:00 p.m. ....I'm not that gullible, but I believe she did this so I wouldn't be able to ask her to hang out or something of that nature.....so then Monday night I get a text saying, what I think is kinda a cop-out b.s. after hanging out with her so much and liking her the way I did......it said that she isn't ready for anything serious right now and can't help the way she like me and blames herself for most of it.....she needs friendship and patience.....I replied with the nicest way of telling her that I'm not in a rush either and we can take it slow and see how things go from there....so I never got a reply from her......so the next day I hear from one of her friends that she was telling another chick that she doesn't talk to me anymore.....I was kinda shocked because I was like really? After hanging out that much and exchanging words and how we feel about each other? Damn lol......Then she told that same chick that I don't text her anymore.....ummm....wtf....cuz I'm pretty sure she's the one who cut me off......THEN she tells her that she feels like things were rushed and she didn't like the fact that she is the one who did that....she emails me and asked me how I was doing and give me her new #....kinda threw me off....I texted her the next day good morning.....didn't get anything back.....then texted in the late afternoon.....didn't get anything again till around 8:00 p.m. again with another B.S. text....."gosh I slept all day lol.....what are you up too?" ok......seriously? lol..... I felt bad for about 2 weeks after this all happened and then kinda just got over it....but I just don't understand how females can be sometimes guys......so effin impulsive and they scare themselves with their own damn feelings!!

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