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Originally Posted by shawn754 View Post
i think my subframe has a tear too! for the past 2 days when i accelerate i hear a metal crackling noise come from the passenger rear side and when i let off the gas after accelerating i hear it too. every once in awhile after i shift gears i hear it. its annoying because i just had the subframe checked about 3 weeks ago and the dealer said there was no damage. they said they lowered the subframe to check....? so ill be bringing it in again on monday and if it is the subframe hopefully they will take care of it! wish me luck guys. ughh i hate this!
I am not sure which dealer you went to, but Motorwerks has been doing a much better job on my M3 compared to Minnetonka. Especially when it comes to being thorough and doing proper check ups. Also, JB eurotech has been awesome, and very helpful. As a bonus Seth keeps a close eye on all relevant forums. I can see myself switching between the two over the coming warranty-less years.

I took my car to Sears (or Minnetonka, whatever) BMW a few months after they opened their facility to take a look at a coolant leak, near the engine. I showed them the leak, they looked at it for an hour and said it was nothing to be concerned about. They did find another small leak on the transmission drain bolt.

Car was out of warranty, so I paid them 60-70 bucks for that check. I took the car to Motorwerks BMW since they were the last to work on the transmission. Maybe they over-tightened the bolts, so if something was bad, I wanted them to be the only ones to touch it. They also checked the coolant leak and said it was coming from the engine. Then they did pressure/compression checks. Well, Motorwerks quickly found an obvious CRACK in the cast iron block. Leak was worse when engine was cold. How Minnetonka missed this is beyond me, especially when I point it out with my finger and then pay them to take a closer look.

Turns out it was a bad casting. Motorwerks does the best work I could imagine and replaced my engine free of charge (labor or parts). Remember, I was out of warranty. They kept me updated and were always happy to talk to me and give me an update when I called. They had the S54 short block shipped from Germany in a crate, and then moved all of the other parts to it (not an easy task) before placing the new engine back in. They worked hard with BMW NA to make sure all of this was free to me. They went above and beyond expectations.

During a previous occasion Sears told me to not call them when I called them for an update to hear an estimate of when the car might be done (I called only once and they got pissed). I had a busy day that day and I needed to know for my schedule. They told me not to call them and they will call me when it's done. Sears always had a lot of attitude and treated me like an M3 douche or hypocondriac. Not everything was bad, and some of their SAs noticed how I was being treated and tried to step in and help or play it off as a joke. In fact most of their SAs are great, but there are a couple bad apples there. Attitude goes a long way.

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