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Originally Posted by CRSmoak View Post
You weren't leading... lead next time. During courtship, it is ALWAYS the mans job to lead either directly or indirectly. Courtship is basically everything that happens up to sexual intercourse. Even still, you should have sex multiple times before actually allowing her to lead and even then... you should still be doing most of it.

You may be asking yourself, "Why exactly does he think I wasn't leading." Well here's why, 'it said that she isn't ready for anything serious right now and can't help the way she like me and blames herself for most of it...' If she's blaming herself... obviously you weren't leading.
Yeah. If she says she liked you, you clearly ****ed up somewhere. It was over before you got her email/new number... you probably should not have bothered texting... especially with that lame reply... it's very over.

Break contact. Stop hanging around and keeping in touch with her, waiting for something to happen... it's not attractive (especially from her pt. of view)
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