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Originally Posted by CMT247 View Post
Yeah. If she says she liked you, you clearly ****ed up somewhere. It was over before you got her email/new number... you probably should not have bothered texting... especially with that lame reply... it's very over.

Break contact. Stop hanging around and keeping in touch with her, waiting for something to happen... it's not attractive (especially from her pt. of view)
Actually it's the, "blames herself" part I was trying to emphasis. It's actually a good thing if she tells you she likes you BUT... she should feel like it just happened NOT like it was her doing. When you lead you can make it seem to her like it just happened, like it wasn't her fault. It's a simple matter of plausible deniability.

Originally Posted by Eazy-E46 View Post
OP, sounds like this girl doesn't really knows what she wants and she kinda did YOU a favor and let it go early on instead of dragging you on with her crap....she's not ready and she doesn't know what she wants = headaches for you if you stick around....MOVE ON!
This is stupid advice, all it does is avoid the problem. And most women actually do know what they want, however what they want and what they respond to... are two entirely different things. OP here's my advice, figure out where YOU went wrong, learn from it and then move on.

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