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Originally Posted by TRBOVNM View Post
^ok, sorry I didn't give more info. between this thread and the others, most people put them in the location of the license plate lights. I am going to put it in the same general area. obviously I don't have to remove one of the factory lights, so I am going to put it off to the side. probably driver side and I will test it angled a couple different ways to see what works best before I do a final mount. does that make more sense? hope so. for example, the first post in the thread, he posted a rear pic with two arrows. the upper arrow points to the general location I am talking about, but mine would be on the driver side. That is what I am thinking.

on the hookup, I didn't take pics of the rest of the stuff. just figured showing the camera was enough to get an idea of another design. there is another harness that plugs into the end of that small connector on the end of the harness of the camera. then there is a video RCA plug to plug into the dynavin and there is trigger and ground.

so yes, plugs in very easy to the dynavin or I wouldn't have purchased it.
not sure about the night vision, obviously will find out.
not sure about the intervals
answered above about power.

sorry, don't know everything about it, but trust my buddy. how often will I really rely on it? probably not much, more cool factor and if I do need assistance hopefully it will help. sorry, not a very good review or anything right now so let me get it installed and I will report back.
The last thing you should do is apologize.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! =)
I haven't even gotten my Dynavin yet, and wasn't even considering the 'expense' of a reverse cam, until I came across this thread and though "hey this would be pretty cool?"

Can't wait to hear more about it once you have it installed =)
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